I don’t know What’s more adorable!You or Your smile? The first ever hint I gave her and yeah she was a little dumb, a little ¬†childish, a little more than what the definition of perfection is. Antidote? Ever heard of it? Her smile was the antidote for my long hectic day. She was perfect in every sense not only appearance wise but most important thing,her soul was beautiful , dark and broken yet beautiful.



But for him, her love was the cutest thing and her hugs were the bestest. Her hugs were so powerful that made him feel like they were the safest place for him.
Even with all the superlatives he could’ve used to describe his love towards her, he never could and that’s what created the mess that he is going through. Now that she ain’t with him anymore he is struggling, struggling to move on because everything reminds him of her and now that he misses her magical smile, her hugs, her eyes, her chubby cheeks makes him feel and regret like he met the one who was made just for him but at the wrong time.